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About Us
Our condominium community is special to us. 
It’s the place we call home and where we can call our neighbors friends. 
It is a family-enriched community with children and adults of all ages! 
It is a community of detached condominiums where each home has a distinct personality.
We put a lot of work into our community to have it stand out
as one of the premiere places to live in Novi and Metro Detroit. 
Camden Court Condominium Association:
It's more then just a neighborhood. It’s a community.  It's our home.
A Detached Condominium Community
To register as a resident and/or be placed in the neighborhood directory, please:
1. Click on the word 'Register' or 'Your Profile' in the upper left corner above the word "Welcome".
2. You may enter ALL of your information BUT please "Activate" ONLY the information you wish to have placed in the password protected directory.
3. ALL information will be password protected from public view. Only the information that you "Activate" will be made available to registered residents who have been password-authorized.
4. There is no need to write down your password. If you forget, it will be sent to the email address that you provided when you register. 
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